Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Shoot this up...

Basically, because we love them and think they are going to be the next big band to emerge out of London, we’re going to do a big up to Bolt Action Five. I expect most of you are probably already familiar in some way with them (even if it’s just me stumbling around in that t-shirt…) Anyway, hailing from various parts of London Bolt Action Five are kicking out a particularly awesome mix of scuzzy metal-esque riffs mixed in with the catchiest synths this side of the 1980s a pounding drum machine kicking out simple 4x4 beats to nasty as hell double kick drums and some synth heavy breakdowns your average hardcore band might kill for. Simply, if there metal kids out there who were more interested in having fun and the odd bit of smiley electro, they might sound half as good as this lot do at half pace.

Anyway, their last single (as well as the fantastic Kissy Sell Out mix) Tree Friend Tree Foe is downloadable on the Radar blog here:

And massive kudos to those guys for getting them up to Nottingham, possibly the best live set I’ve seen this year and a right party if their ever was one. If there’s any kind of end of year Radar party we should all go tear it up in support of their efforts.

For more tunes check out their myspace at:
Here you should find the likes of Gurl Howl and Think fast. Great songs. Also look out for the Dan Le Sac (you may have heard his new track with Scoobuis Pip…) remix of Tree Friend… It’s a bit good.

To finish, i believe Dav has a song or two he might like to donate...




Indeed I do Chuck!

The kissy sell out remix of TFTF is just well brown...

Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (Kissy Sell Out remix)

I'll drop this as well because i think it's brill, even though you can get it off their myspace.

Bolt Action Five - Gurl Howl

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