Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Adventures accross the Midlands...

Sunday nights, always the best for ammusing drunken antics, yeah? Apparently so...

So, i went to watch Shitdisco and To My Boy at the Nottingham Social on Sundayexpecting nothing more than a normal gig. Oops. To My Boy did their usual thing and kicked out their blend of electro, indie and pop which sounded great as usual and they did an admirable performance since very few people bothered to come and watch them. Give it a few months and they'll be saying they were there anyway.

Anyway, go here www.myspace.com/tomyboy and listen to the funky sounds of two guys and computer, including their new single, Messasges i believe it's called, is out soon, they played it on Sunday and it rocks!

Prior to this evening i'd never quite made my mind up about shitdisco, having always opted for the more straight up pop of Klaxons or the funkier Datarock. How things change. Taking to the stage in a somewhat fuller room, they get straight down to business and kick out a fantastic set of dico house and punk and finish with the awesome "I Know Kung Fu" (possibly better than the James Ford remix, and i'm sure you know what he can do. The party continued as Shitdisco Dj downstairs in the bar until something o' clock.

It was then it all went a bit nuts as about five of us ended up on the Shitdisco tourbus on our way to Leeds with no better reason than "Why not?" or "How often will we get to do something like this?" It seems a lot of those rumors about Shitdisco afterparties are true. SO the next day day was spent in Leeds, with Shitdisco ambling around looking for record shops in which to buy copies of their album. Odd, but great, with the highlight being seeing Jan open up his freshly purchased copy of his own album and seeing the art on the CD. His response being merely, "But... that's shit!"

Anyway, having made it home and had a spin of "Kingdom of Fear" and can safely say that it's a party monster and is going to keep feet moving for time to come.

So, thanks to Shitdisco for being great and serving up some serious party, and to To My Boy for being great as well and generallly just being top guys on tp of that!



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