Friday, 27 March 2009

my favourite new dubstep person?

Yep, I know absolutely nothing about Norway's Clueless, other than that he is from Norway and seems to have modeled himself on Burial, to an extent. He has no information about himself, his picture is silhouetted and shrouded in smoke.

He does, however, have a talent for producing brilliantly deep and melancholic dubstep tracks that will, inevitably, be compared to the likes of Burial and the Hyperdub 2-step skittish beat sound. There is, though, something much simpler and, perhaps, mre affecting to his sound, the beats are merely a by product of the song, used to prop up the haunting strings, keys and melancholic bass lines. Wonderful stuff.

Bright Eyes - No One Would For Less (Clueless remix)

Adele - Hometown Glory (Clueless Remix)

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