Monday, 23 March 2009

deeply does it

Found a house/electronica producer by the name of Slava the other day, though it seems that i can find little info about him. In fact, what i assume is his myspace page has so little info on it i can not tell if it is the same artist! Bizarre.

Either way, this is a great piece of weird, moody, atmospheric deep electronica. I suppose you could liken it to Nathan Fake in a more bizarre and self-indulgent moment (good thing), but i suspect that would be a bit lazy. A strange piece of music for strange times.

Slava - Dark Dreams

Also awesome is the Aeroplane remix of Sebastian Tellier. I don't really fele the need to say much more about Aeroplane. They are going to be leading 2009 from the front. Whatch them explode of the next few months.

Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo '84 Remix)

And this i rather like too. Skream's mix was cool and Foamo's edit took it in a slightly deeper direction and may be an interesting alternate sound for future Foamo stuff when he decides to stray from big, jacking bass. Heartbreak, obviously, took a different route all together and came away with something entirely more interesting.
A faintly odd, disco influenced piece of house/electro which all revolves around a pulsating synth with dreamy melodies floating all around it and the soaring La Roux vocal gently rolling over the top. Beautiful.

La Roux - In for The Kill (Heartbreak Remix)




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