Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Stuff and shit is cool.

Saw Bolt Action Five last night. No lie. Plaing at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury and Islington. We were given a set containing five new tracks, two old tracks and Salary. I have to be honest, i wasn't sure what i thought of the new stuff on first listen on the myspace, but safe to say that they sound great on the stage. I'm not normally a fan of bands playing a lot of new stuff in live set (hence why i may never go and see Hot Chip again) but these guys really pulled it off. Hats off to them. I suspect you'll be able to download all sorts of Bolt Action goodness on their myspace page or their blog, both of which are linked over to the side of the page i the "other people we love" section. Go do it.

Other news, got some new Plimsouls stuff yesterday. Which is good, havn't heard anything new on that front for a while. What we have are two new trackswhich take the shape of slightly slower, more housy tracks. First track, Long way down strays away from the 8-bit style of his last batch of tunes though retains the familiar synth sound from his earlier tracks. Not a bad song, though i feel not his strongest track either.

Second to come through was As it Hapened, which seems to have gone for a bassline and beat fitting of Sinden and The count of Monte Cristal's tunes such as beeper and the like, while retaining the familiar Plimsouls blips and beeps bubbling just under the surface. I like!

Plimsouls - Long Way Down

Plimsouls - As it Happened




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