Friday, 23 November 2007

Holy F*ck Batman.

That title acctually has nothing to do with the band (who are amazing though.. Go check them), it is purley to do with the fact that i am currently, and perhaps somewhat juveniley (is that a word? Answers on a stamped address to:

I don't care,
Go home."

Or something), anyway, really enjoying bands with the word "Fuck" in their title my two favourites, in order from 2nd to 1st, would be Fuckshovel and Fuck Buttons., I reckon that's basically genious.See above if you disagree. Raaar.

I have, though, seen Tapedeck knock out a couple of great sets, the highlight being Their set at Smakkit up in Nottingham on the 17th. That was pretty ace and made a nice change from an entire night of trendy electro again. Sriously, go see these guys if you ever feel like somethign a little dirtier than your average. Link's there, but as always, it's also down the side of the writing amongst the other links. Use one!

They have their first single coming out in February, i believe, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and the new Lillica Libertine release in the meantime. Out on Meal Deal records, it should be filling the record bag of anyone who likes... well, anything.

My friends in Ou Est Le Swimming Pool (genius name or no... you decide) have been working hard over the last few months and have come up with some pretty damn good tunes in that period. Breaking the shackles of simple indie guitar based music they have morphed into something much scarier, having written songs spanning hip-hop, electro, pop, amient and more. Go check them out right... here:

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool myspace

Quick note about Burial. Appearing towards then close af 2006 with his debut album, the selftitled "Burial" and walked aay with albumof the year from pretty much everyone who knows what they are talking about. And now, one year later, he comes back with another album. And once aain has snatched album of the year away from other contenders, such as Gui Boratto's Chromophobia. It seems as though we may just have to settle into a routine of waiting for the annual Burial album to come out and exceede anything we could have hoped for, as well as every other album of the year. I genuinely think that this young producer may be a genius and possibly the greatest electronic music talent in the country.

And i'll be off to see Chromeo tonight. Fuck yeah. That'll be nice and gangsta.



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si said...

errrr can you out that umbrella cover from OELSP up please. I want to rip it on to my blog!!