Friday, 15 January 2010


San Fransisco based Eskmo has had been bringing earth-shaking bass to the region well known for the notorious San Andreas fault. Well, i'm guessing between the ground shaking capabilities of both the city may just be in a spot of bother.*

With releases on labels such as Planet Mu yuu might epect some glitch laden abstract electronica. In aspects you might be right as they're certainly are not many people doing this bizarre mixture of dubstep-esque half-step rhythms mixed with electronic ambiance in faintly Boards Of Canada kind of way, especially not this well.

Best to get yourself a large pair of speakers (or headphones) and let the music roll through you.

Eskmo - Hypercolor **



* Plastic Cowboys would like to make clear they in no way hoping for the imminent physical collapse of San Fransisco, whether through tectonic activity or sub bass rhythms.

** Plastic Cowboys would also like to point out that "Color" is, in fact, spelt "colour". With a "U".

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