Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I found an email in my inbox this morning simply stating that I "may like this band." Often i ignore these, but it was so simple and not full of the usual crap that I figured i'd make the effort. As such, it turns out Fez, outside of the reasonably woeful name, actually make simple, breezy and uplifting indie-pop tunes.

Lowlight is probably the best example of said style. Hooky vocals lead into big pop choruses, vocal harmonies and breakdowns that are likely to be in your head for days. And all of it is written without the pretention or unnecessary complexity of some of their peers which can leave sogs feeling cold and a little soulless at times, as though the artist has thought more about making hard to listen to and, as such, "cool" that they forgot to write a good song. No worries here, simple, friendly indie tunes at your service.

Fez - Lowlight

Playing at the Water Rats in Kings Cross on 20th Feb.



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No pains, no gains..........................