Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Go 'Net

Internet Forever are a bunch of scuzzy indie so and so's from London (partially via Cambridge) making a delightful little racket round and about London's east end at the moment.

Taking the scuzzy distortion of Wavves with the beautiful pop melodies of bands like Los Campesinos, including the male/female offset voacals and even throwing in my favourite Why? song for good measure. while not being the most musically brilliant cover, it has a certain energy and charm to it that is somewhat akin to the contented feeling of falling in love on a summer's day and being truly happy about it.

Internet Forever then; make you feel like you might be falling in love. Not too bad.

Internet Forever - Broken Bones




1 comment:

Matthew Britton said...

man, i didn't even realise it was a cover, any link to the original?