Friday, 3 July 2009

Big summer tunes

So, time for a few big tunes that you will inevitably end up hearing all summer whether it be by choice or the simple fact that will no doubt get every-bloody-where.

First up, a collaboration between A-Track and Armand Van Helden which harks more back to Armand's earlier days and is probably going to alienate fans of his more recent works or A-Track's material in general. Having been dropped by the likes of Aeroplan, however, the disco house crowd are sure to love this one.

Next up is the new piece from Switch. Again, no mp3s yet (unless you happen to be a part of or good friends with some the grindin network). This time Switch as, surprisingly... stuck with his trend of indie based remixes and has chosen Florence And The Machine for this round. It isn't up there with his Hideaway remix but it is quite light hearted and summery.

Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (Switch Remix)

Also sounding pretty big and on the rise at the moment is The Aspirins For My Children. Having been awarded the position of No. 2 track you most need to hear this week in NME a week or two ago 9for the Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot remix). Here we have a remix of Lost Valentinos "Common Thief" which gets the usual loving makeover featuring swirling, ethereal synth stabs and builds with the vocals chopped yet still set out a relatively similar pattern. I've said it before, and I will definitely say it again, keep your eyes on this chap, he will go faaaaaar!

Lost Valentinos - Common Thief (The Aspirins For My Children Remix)

Enjoy, eh?



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Anonymous said...

they were actually number 1 in that NME chart