Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Potentially the most ineteresting collab of the year...

Is the much hyped link up between Four Tet and Burial. Two fairly different styles of music, both with huge cult status, bordering on mainstream popularity (I imagine this is up for debate, but they are not quite household names methinks), though coming from to the table with each with a similar ethos as they both seem to like their ambiance to some degree or another.

The result can be found on vinyl in any competent record store, or on the internet in the shape of "Moth" which, as predicted, is a piece of surprisingly upbeat electronica in terms of the melodies, though their is a strong Burial influence in the beats and in the subtleties that swing around the lead lines. I suspect your best bet will be Rough Trade or Phonica for this release (if you're in London, or want to order online from a good quality independent store), I'm certainly out of here to one of these as soon as pay day hits!

A slight grower but a beautifully constructed piece. I can imagine these two writing an incredibly moving album together, as Moth alone took me off somewhere else entirely, to the the extent that I jumped when the song after came on.

Buial & Four Tet - Moth

Four Tet
and Burial on myspace.




Kremp said...

Absolutely great tune!

Kremp said...

Although the song you've actually put up is the other track 'Wolf Cub'

Anonymous said...

I want to rub your beard xx

Chuck said...

Hmm, bloody miss-labeled mp3.