Monday, 11 May 2009

The Aspirins For My Children

London now has its band to watch for 2009. Quite easily the best thing I have heard for quite a while is the intriguingly named, The Aspirins For My Children. With a fairly rich history of production, having worked with the likes of Miss Odd Kidd, The Cock n’ Bull Kid, Ghost Poet and Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, the quality and experience very much shows through in original such as “Adults” with its pounding drums, mesmerising, layered, synth lines built around a hugely atmospheric chorus hook and of bizarrely appropriate pitch bending for good measure.

Another track, “Pineapple” sounds as though it a summer afternoon anthem for the more lively amongst us, with it’s strangely upbeat and lifting melodies and occasional looped vocal chants. One could possibly imagine Crystal Castles writing something like this if they stepped out of dark, smoky clubs and wrote music in glorious sunshine. “Cutter”, on the other hand, gives off an immediate presence of normality before rapidly developing into a great piece of electronica and then U-turning back to the start and again descending into elecrtonica. All inside of two minutes. Intensely brilliant.

On top of these original pieces, TAFMC also has a nice sideline in remixes, having re-worked songs for the likes of Situationists and Marina & The Diamonds, with several more in the works, “coming soon”. The mix of Marina & The Diamons’ “Obsessions” is a wonderful piece, utilisng Marinas’s vocal line and offsetting it with big drums, swirling melodies and soaring synthesised strings. Or, more simply put, it’s a wonderful piece that veers between simple melodies and haunting crescendos.
With plans afoot for shows later in the year and, hopefully, even more originals, I feel big things ahead for this one man music machine.

Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions (TAFMC Remix)




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