Thursday, 9 April 2009

Switch is back.

Yep, after a year in the wilderness producing the occasional ropey remix and utilising his skills producing albums for producers, many of whom seem to have been plucked from under Diplo's wing, Switch is back on form.

It's been a long time since his Mystery Jets remix hit the 'net in April 2008, but we do finally have more Switch productions worth a good solid listen. Yay! He's even brought a new sound with him. Taking elements of his distorted, crunching fidget stylings, has slowed everything down and taken Bjork into somewhere one might associate with dubstep, though i'd hesitate to say it was full on dubstep. Which is somewhere i'm not even sure the pixie-espue Icelandic cult figure ever expected to be, despite her best experimental efforts. It matters not though, as it's Switch back on form and we know what that means, dancefloor slammers galore. How wonderful!

Anyway, stuff the chat, get down and listen to it!

Bjork - Nattura (Switch Remix)




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