Friday, 17 April 2009

If Not Now...

Plimsouls - If Not Now, When?

Having been kicking around on the blog scene for a couple of years now, the time has finally come for Plimsouls to drop his first full EP on us, via Pieces of Eight Records who have brought us music from the likes of Style Of Eye and compilations from Sister Bliss. Rest assured, he holds his own against such weighty names.
Opening up with the slightly haunting “Twelve” we are a greeted with a huge, thumping kick drum while humming bass and swirling melodies build around the beat and strings begin to stab across building to a peak until, stop, and a huge lead synth melody rolls out and I’m hooked. Hodzo is built around a similarly intense kick drum but with almost more atmosphere, even choral vocals are included here, which the lead slowly builds out of until you find yourself in a sea of distorted bass, which drops away leaving the lead to carry through before the whole songs crashes back in and one is amidst a huge techno track! With breakdowns and builds using elements from each of part of the track, this is a wonderful piece that really sees Plimsouls utilising his potential as a songwriter.
“Tolle” takes us down a more “fidget house” route with its clicking beats squelchy melodies and slamming bass. Another track that goes to show the versatility of the young producer. Having covered almost three genres across three tracks it is also testament to his promising talent that the record also never feels disjointed, the mix through house, techno and fidgety beats is remarkably seamless. We are then taken on the closing journey of “One Step” which is a laidback house track with a nice funky, groove laden bass line, big drops and massive leads, that finishes off the record in fine style. In all honesty, the whole thing is entirely kompakt worthy, let’s hope they sit up and take notice of one of the UK’s brightest young producers.




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