Sunday, 21 September 2008


The area around Leeda (Harrogate, to be more specific) is stamping it's name on the elecro map right now through the marvels of Youth Attack and their rather brutal take on the common remix. Having already produced beautifully loud mixes for the likes of Late Of the Pier, Foals and Shadowdancer (some of which have already been covered on these very pages) they are rapidly making a name for themselves across the country and are inevitably only going to continue down this path to fame and excellence as the 2009 gets under way.

Not only this, but having played with Mr. Flash of Ed Banger fame over the weekend, thy impresed so much that Mr. Flash has requested the track for his own use around the world for devastating dancefloors and Ed Rec parties. Which is pretty ace really. Despite a lack of output in recent months you can still rely on Ed Banger to host a massive party.

Oh, and if you ever happen to be in their neck of the woods, it couldn't hurt to have a gander at their new night, Kill The rhythm, which over the course of two evening already boasts guests such as Ocelot, Matt Payne, Thick As Thieves as well as Youth Attack themselves.

So get involved, while there's still room on the dancefloor for their sets.

Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go (Youth Attack & Popcop Remix)

Other than that, i'm rather keen on these at the moment as well.

AC Slater - Poison

Pretty sure AC Slater is going to be the next massive thing to come out of the bass influenced house scene. This is why.

And, for a change, this rather mellow piece from Jeffrey Lewis which has some of my favourite lyrics of recent times.

Jeffrey lewis - Don't be Upset

Hope that's nice for you.




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