Friday, 26 September 2008


So, Rolo Tomassi unleashed their debut album on, what i suspect was a predominantly unsuspecting public and in celebration of this we were treated to a free show at The Old Blue Last in shoreditch, with support from the ghost frequency and Mirror!Mirror!

Um, best show ever? Well, not quite but, fuck me, it was up there.

Opening the proceedings are Nuneaton's own Mirror!Mirror! who are amazing and, almost certainly the only good thing to have ever come out of the delightful Midlands town... Smashing through tracks such as "My brain is Jassive" and "Wolfgang Bang" they get the eager crowd dancing from the off, ballroom style for half the gig, while guitarists Mike and Alex thrash out angular punk in the midst of the audience and vocalist Broads hangs from the lighting equipment. Once again, awesome.

I have to confess to missing The Ghost Frequency in order to catch up with an old friend, so have little to say o that front. Meaning i'm still o decide whether they're actually good or just another over hyped band with tattoos. Time will tell.

Rolo Tomassi... well, Rolo Tomassi tear the place apart. With an official capacity of eighty, the small upstairs room that acts as the live music centre of the pub was crammed with a good TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY people. Yummy. Anyhow, they proceed to slam out some hefty cuts from the brilliant new album, Hysterics, but not before the entire room has managed to sing keyboardist James a round of Happy Birthday (it being his 20th on the day). Through the cousre of the set we sea little else but chaos. aconstant stram of crowdsurfers and stagedivers swarm past (for once, it seems deeply apporpriate and even i have no qualms with it), Joe dry humping his bass, a bit more madness, bruising, genius and some of the most fun i've ever had bent over the front of a stage...

Then, the encore. possibly the bands two most classic tracks, Film Noir and Curby. Film Noir rips the last of the room to pieces in its 1:50 of blind franticness before curby stamps its bloody remains into the room below along with a massive stage invasion 9as far as a stage invasion can be "massive" in The Old Blue...).

Frankly, if you weren't there, oops. Gigs like that only happen in their handfulls every year or two.

Rolo Tomassi - Film Noir

Rolo Tomassi - Curby



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