Monday, 17 September 2007

The Tough Alliance in England

Back to London tomorrow, and this time i do believe i have a house sorted for myself. Excellent stuff. It seems soon i might have a permanent home and a better base from which to continue with this on a more regular basis.

Anyhow, so i leave for London tomorrow due to the fact that The Tough Alliance are playing The MacBeth tomorrow evening. I'm ridiculously overexcite dabout this, and even more so, perhaps, about seeing Late of the Pier in Fabric on the weekend. Woop. So all in all it should be a good week. I can't beleive some oif the press that Late Of The Pier have been getting recently, and i'm so happyu for them becasue they such top guys and so good as well. I think they deserve everything they get. Go check 'em out, breadface.

Other than that, all's been a biut quiet on the music front of late, i've successfully not made it to any gigs recently which is probably why i'm so excited about this week. I did pick some records up the other day though.

On the list were:

Nathan Fake - You are Here 12"
Skream - Sub Island 12"
Hatch & Benga - 10 tons Heavy 12"
Uffie - First Love 12" (finally!)
Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos edit, so epic it covers both sides of the record!)
Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation 12"
and something i've apparently forgotten...

Then yesterday from Rough Trade:

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle 7"
Bobmo - Let's Go Bobmo 12"(again, finally!) Bobmo - To The Bobmobile

So that's good times, i'll see if i can't upload a few of those now.

Finally, our new friend Plimsouls has put up a new batch of stuff on his myspac page which, quite frankjly, is ace. Havn't managed to acctually get my hands on the tracks yet, bt i can still say that perhaps his best yet. There is a distinct change in style from the older more minimal and quite cold electro stylings, he seems to have gone for a much warmer, more 8-bit (almost) sort of sound which seems to utterly befit this delightful September we're having so far. I urge you to go check out thi snew stuff, trust me, it's a strong look!

Oh, and go check Skream remix of Klaxons- It's Not Over. It's pretty fucking bass-tastic!

Anyway, to all you wonderfull people who are even faintly interested in my life, or take the time to examine what i've been listening to of late; thank you so much and take care, i'll atch you soon.



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