Thursday, 5 July 2007

Where's it gone?

Fun, that is. I always though the idea of this whole new-wave electro scene that 's emerged (i hate to use the term New-rave, i hope you sympathise) was supposed to to b a bit silly and fun., right? Yet it seems of late that everything is becoming a little serious, one might even go so far as to say competative...

So, in wanting to keep up with the fun side i've dug out some remixes of an upcoming band who, i feel, are firmly situated in the fun side of things by artists who are of a simialr mindset. The Teenagers, it can't be denied, are out to have a good time with such sleazyindie-electro love-ins some of us like to call songs, written seemingly, about, well, sex and good times.

Remixers i've found would be , the already blogged, Cleft Palettes and Sluttt as well as Bono Must Die (you have to love that nband, if for the name alone). All have done good mixes of The Teenagers single "Homecoming" which needs some fun remixes. Everyone (and i mean everyone) who seems to be down with this blogging lark messes around, playing the Passions remix which (no offence to Passions, who i love), let's face it, is a bit standard. Emergancy, phenomenal track, but the Homecoming remix feels to simialr to the original for my liking.

Bono Must Die take the opportunity to simply turn into into a more of a dancefloor friendly piece than the original, while Sluttt cuts it up a bit more, brings some attitude to it and cuts up the vocals and brands it with her grimey-elecrto style. Good stuff.

The Teenagers - Homecoming (Bono Must Die Doggystyle mix)

The Teenagers - Homecoming (Sluttt 98% done mix)

The Cleft Palettes mix has to be my favourite though for the simple fact that it's incredibly silly whilst being witty and quite clever at the same time. In their usual 8-bit style they take the track and make it sound awesomely NES-like, but it's with the vocals that they really win it. Completely re-recording and altering the vocals, they take a sly potshot at the scene that has sprung up over the last year or two. IIf you don't laugh, they're probably laughing at you, sorry.

The Teenagers - Homecoming (The Cleft Palettes mix)

And while we're on the topic of good 8-bit stuff, it's about time Crystal Castles got a mention. Having laid down one of the best Atlantis to Interzone mixes (along with Metronomy and Tapedeck) they've also put together a bunch of their own stuff (most notably "Air War" which was put out on the Digital Penration Vol. 1 album). New single "Knights" akes a slightly different direction, but is probably they're best track to date. Released on the Kitsune Maison 4 collection (pick it up, every track is ace, whereas i still feel that 3 had a number of duds on it) i'm not sure if it's getting asingle release or not. Keep you posted though.

Crystal Castles - Knights

And for a bit of fun, a liars remix. Anyone into that whole US art-punk scene should be a fan of liars. I don't think it's unreasonable to think of them as a sort of younger, bratty brother to Battles. Though they have now grown up somewhat and starting making incredibly wierd, beautiful music. Go get 'em. Anyhow, from Liars' third album:

Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid (crystal Castles mix)

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