Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Adventures in the blog field

Having the last couple of days pretty much solidly in the world of the Blog (i'm at home and there's little else to do) and fiddling around running two computers from one moniter in order to get a few cds i've put together for a friend onto a computer which has the capability of burning cds. Fun stuff... Alos, small rooms with two computers get very hot...

In the mnidst of all this, though, i figured i might as well share a few of my favourites.

Firstly, a few quite funky, electro based mixes from the first cd,

Chromeo - My Girl Is Callin Me (Blaze's Extended Edit)

Feist - 1234 (Van She Technologic mix)

Meatboys - Fireworks (Punks Jump Up Mix)

The second disc travelled into more fidgit and tech based territories:

Simian Mobile Disco - 3 Pin Din

The Loose Cannons - Girls In Hats (Boy 8-bit's Linndrum Workout)

Final disc went a bit darker with a bit of minimal and dubstep and a bit of a mix of the two, i.e:

Audion - Fred's Bells

(unfortunately zshare keeps on telling me the Shackleton/Villalobos mix is too large even though it's well within their upload limits, gits. So the flipside of Audion's Noiser single it is)

Appleblim - Cheat 1

I'd also have to recommend to anyone who's a fan of dark, wobbly bass lines to check out the Plastician/Skream mix The Black Ghosts (Simon Lord (Ex-simian vocalist and also called in by James Ford and Jas Shaw to do vocals on new single I Beilieve) track, Some Way Through. Wasn't too sure at first, but the last listen i had made me decide that it is awesome, apparently Dubstep and Indie could be the new indie-electro. That'd be fucking rad.

So that's good...

As for up coming things to do, i highly recommend Checking out Dollop/Care In The Community presents:

Late Of The Pier
Bolt Action Five
Neon Plastix

Care in the Community
+ more DJs

£4 on the door

Thursday 12th July @ The Old Blue Last (8-12pm)

I reckon it should be a good night, though i hear the Old Blue is disturbingly trendy.



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