Friday, 4 September 2009

Disco Balls

Hey all. Tuesday night, George Pringle album launch, good fun. Tables in the social adorned with roses, candles and bowls of all your favourite childhood sweets. Oh, and George herself performing after good sets from Young Athletics League and ChaCha. I decided to buy an hand wrapped copy of her new album (with ribbons, a tag with the title and tracklisting and a badge designed as a shining disco ball. Yum) and it turns out, as I suspected, it's pretty darned good. A review will be up shortly. In the meantime, it's back to some good old fashioned plagiarism (i'm not sure if that spelling is correct, but my computer tells me it is. Should i trust the US dictionary on Macs?).

Anyhow, to the songs. A couple of tracks from people I know next to nothing about other than that they make delightfully blissed out music. Think in the Enzo Ponzio Italo vein but with more gentle, fluid melodies.

First up the delightfully swirly Gatto Fritto:

Gatto Fritto - Hex

and the slightly more groove and funk laden Sally Shapiro:

Sally Shapiro - Moonlight Dance

Have a good weekend all!



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