Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lung Trouble

HEALTH. Having been supposed to have reviewed the about three times and having my list pulled at the last minute, I finally saw this group of LA debaucherous loons supporting the magnificent Deerhunter on Monday at Koko, and will see then tear The Lexington to shreds this fair eve'. They were, as predicted, amazing. Definitely my pick of the evening (Deerhunter and Crystal Antlers also playing).

So, (stolen, again) we have a great mix of the lead single from their soon to be released (7th September, i've pre-ordered mine, where's yours?) second LP.

Taking some of the synth lines and breathy vocals, Tobacco have crafted a piece that sounds something akin to what Damo Suzuki may have made of it, were he not (musically, at least) completely loopy.

Health - Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)



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