Monday, 20 October 2008


Is back with it's first installment since host venure The Last Days Of Decadence opened it's doors in an official capacity. So, i celebration of this occasion we thought we'd pull together a spectacular line up, the likes of which the venue has never dreamed.

First up, the headliner. Duke Dumont. 'Nuff said, right? Well, i might as well remind you that he won the Diesel U-Music awards electronic category in 2006, pipping David E. Sugar to the post, kick starting his career. He has since gone on to become one of the most respected producers in the UK house scene having material put out by the likes of seminal lables such as Dubsided (Dave 'Switch" Taylor's label) and Turbo (Tiga's). Really, 'Nuff said.

Playing alongside this young gentlemen will be Portugal's Photonz. These guys are picking up support from the likes of Erol Alkan and Riton and are about to unleash a frenzied tour on an unsuspecting UK public who are going to, quite simply,lap up every messy second of their tech-infused assault. Bang.

You can look forward to seeing Bendict of Skull Juice fame. If you don;t know these two by now you must have been living in some kind of box in a stupid place as these are one of the biggest duos on the London scene right now and have been for over a year now. Get involved.

We also have upcoming producer Louis La Roche, perhaps currently best known for being mistaken for Thomas Bangalter with his debut internet track but has since proved his worth in his own right with more recent productions and his Night Facilities work as well. Expect big things.

Also spinning for your listening and dancing pleasure are Steve V Something who runs Bournemouth's rather fantastic "We Are Your Friends" night (check out their up coming Block party line up. It is BIG), residents and legends Thick As Thieves, the lovely Lost In Paris ladies.

Interested? You fucking should be! Haha, but seriously, it promises to be our best party yet, and when you consider our parties have consisted of Justice popping in to hang out, Erol Alkan dropping by and spinning a tune or too for no good reason other than he's a true legend and Late of the Pier drinking along side (not to mention Jack Beats hammering the place to a pulp with pulsating bass and Andy George and Foamo playing early London shows for us), i think this speaks volumes.

Hope to see you there, and contact me if you want to com and would like some guestlist action or want any more info.

Oh, and have some 'Roche while you're at it.

Louis La Roche - Get On Down

Louis La Roche - Love




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