Monday, 4 August 2008

This Is Not A Bomb

"I want to spend the rest of my life mocking everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now."

Seemingly, this is the motto of London's new art terrorist and all round gentleman Hayden Kays. Though he's far more likely to inspire amusement than terror, unless you happen to read The Sun, in which case you might get somewhat offended, but if that's the case you probably deserve to be Check out some of his studio work and i'm sure you'll see why...)

If you've ever been to North London,you may have noticed one or two (or many...) "This Is Not A Bomb"' stickers. Yep, they always confused e too, until i went to the site and found out it was a sticker campaign by none other than Mr. Kays himself. And quite the campaign it was! I mean, these things are everywhere you look. Possibly in every pub lavatory in north London, i'm not sure, i haven't been to them all...

I suppose due to the nature of his work comparisons to people such as the infamous Banksy. However, i wouldn't argue that they were justified, as Hayden's pieces are likely to amuse and offend in equal measure, where as Banksy is most likely to sell another trite piece for another couple of million.

So if you want to see London's new prince of all things mocking, check out:

Hayden Kays [dot] co [dot] uk

Also on this weeks agenda is clothing company You Might Never Find Us. Having grabbed a shirt of them a long time ago now, i'm still rocking it regularly to this day. And now they have a much wider selection of wicked shirts and more available at reduced prics you'd pretty much have to be insane not to go and check them out.

With various styles of fits available and, often, different colours and patterns of each design, there's plenty of options to fit whatever style you might be rocking on whatever day.

And while we've had a bit of sun recently, i've been bouncing to this, possibly my tune of the summer. It very, very cool.

Harry Belfonte - Jump In The Line (John Bourke B'more Remix)




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