Sunday, 27 January 2008

Some things that i have found and liked.

Hmm, been a little slow again getting this next post up, consequently i have much to post and not enough memory to remember them all. Oh dear.

Anyhow, a remix i have been meaning to look up for ages and only got round to the other day. Though it is in that last mix Dave posted at around 53 minutes in. Definitely the standout track for me there. It is, of course, Simian Mobile Disco's Hustler, the Shackleton remix. I think Shackleton is probably a genius. Stepping away from his more traditional dubstep leanings, one can really hear the influence Villalobos has had on him after that really rather epic mix he did of Blood on your Hands (I think that's what is was called, i haven't got the energy to trawl through my records to check after yet enough savage yet very enjoyable evening out). Anyhow, yes, being probaly the only Hustler mix that's really worth listening to, i'm pretty sure even Jesse rose missed the mark somewhat. Shackleton has chosen a very minimal vibe for this mix with scattered and wonderfully haunting use of the vocal line with some absolutely mesmorising synths popping up halfway through. Simply stunning.

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Shackleton Remix)

I haven't mentioned The Tough Alliance for a while, which is pretty criminal really, but it seems they have a new track floating around, Looking For Gold which is another classic slice of pop genius from the Sweedish duo. Opening with a reggae vibe through the first verse they swiftly drop in another poignant, hook laden and very singable chorus, as per their norm. Check it out.

The Tough Alliance - Looking For Gold

Bumped into the lovely Faley from Late of the Pier (and Tapedeck, who were lovely as ever but also entirely normal) who played a couple of dj sets either side of the semifinalists (who i'm not sure about) and spent his entire time in the venue in a very large, Darth Vader-esque cloak. I do believe i have been told the relevance of this though i choose not to divulge it. Unless you want to ask me. However, kudos to Faley for, basically, being a legend and somewhat eccentric on occasion. Awesome.

I would also like to make some additions to my best of 2007 list. I have recently procured the Modeselektor album, Happy Birthday which is a cracking album closing on a stnning rack i posted a while back, the awesome I Can't Sleep Without Music. Oh yes.

I've also procured host of Tough Alliance remixes, some of which are rather good, so do have a listen. Yes yes.

The Tough Alliance - Something Special (Alfie Special Summer Mix)

The Tough Alliance - Looking For Gold (Devolve Sparks Mix)

The Tough Alliance - Leg 7 (737 - Alvy Singer Mix)

I think that's me about done for now. Hope some of that is enjoyable for you.





alf3000 said...

nice. i licke

The Lemur said...

Sorry to break it to ye but TTA's Looking For Gold is from last year's summer anthem album: A New Chance.

But TTA's damn good! Woohoo!