Wednesday, 20 June 2007

It's a Beautiful life...

Few things to share on this (post-massive storm) Wednesday morning. The first is simply a single track..

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

A stunning track, perhaps even the highlight, from a stunning debut album from Brazillian producer Gui Boratto. Though he's been producing for over adecade or so he only dropped his first long player this year, a rather great mix of slightly minimal techno, with a warm brazilain edge to it and elements of house and electro thrown in for good measure. Beautiful life though, is a slice of pure blissed out indulgance. Imagine Nathan Fake coming up at sunrise on a quiet beach in Sao Paulo and you'ree somewhere close. I'd reccomend it over the new Justice and Simain Mobile releases to be honest, though you should look into those soon afterwardss! On that note, here's a touch of Mr. Fake for comparrison:

Nathan Fake - You Are Here

Secondly, i'd like to point out that everyone's favourtie potty-mouthed little French lady, Uffie, is piosed to drop her debut next month (if word on the 'net is to be believed). She also has a new single released, i believe, at the start of the week. Going by the name "First Love", it comes across as a slightly deeper, more emotive effort than her previous works and certaionly beats the hell out of her recent collaboration with Justice and her track for the Ed Rec 2 compilation which, frankly, just felt ruched. I'd say there definitely seems to be much more of a Mehdi influence in this new track as well. Anyway, it's definitely the best thing she's done since the Hot Chick/In Charge split and i'm rather fond of it.

Uffie - First love

The final thin to mention, bearing in mind this current trend for indie dnace movement, is Gomma Records from Germany. having more akin, i think, to Kitsune than Ed Banger, who concentrate on (somewhat accidentally it would seem) on their roster of electronic artisits who all happen to have an upbringing on instruments, lending a wonderful organic feel to their tracks. Seemingly, and criminally, ignored with the current popularity of the French seen you should go and see for yourselves that Germany is always prepared to step up and fight for it's reputation. A recent cut from artist Golden Bug:

Golden Bug - Barbies Back


loubie said...

Nice one Chuckface, loving gui know how I feel about little miss uffie potty chops though! xxxxxx

Chuck said...

Yep, i think you're just jealous. ;)